Hotels amenities will be a good business opportunities

Prior to this I am before the “paid goods” really do not know Editor’s Note, for the “low carbon life” would also like to know a little. I already opened a hotel, small, provided for the guests are the traditional disposable commodities. All know that disposable commodities very cheap, very easy, the guests accustomed to the use of disposable commodity.

      Recently listen to colleagues, friends said: “Now some big hotels, guesthouses eliminate the use of one-time daily, and are promoting the use of” paid article “the.” Only then did I know what was paid supplies, and had “paid goods” is also promoting a reflection of “low-carbon life”. In addition to eliminate the use of disposable items, hotel rooms paid supplies has become a new format mode, it encompasses toiletries, health supplies, food and beverages, household items, underwear, books and magazines and many other categories; only enriched the hotel services, It reflects the hotel convenient, fast, user-friendly, attentive service concept, the hotel has added benefits.


     Paid one-time items of business opportunities in this new format model does give a great temptation, and the industry outlook is very good. Although I was to open the hotel, in fact, do not say we all know, is not very sanitary disposable commodities, and can not meet the needs of the guests, there is a lot of waste generated every day, not only waste resources and pollute the environment, and the current promotion of ” Low-carbon life “is totally incompatible.


     For this new format mode, I very much agree with, but also have great hope, I would like to go as soon as possible in the forefront of this field. Through friends, he recommended me Yangzhou Good Friend Hotel Ltd., “Good Friend” is a company in 2002 began to operate the hotel paid products, specializing in the development and production of antibacterial disinfectant and personal hygiene cleaning supplies, we have a brand protection.


By further understanding, Feeler Xinyu main production series, Feeler products, such as: men and women antibacterial lotion, compressed towel, antibacterial socks, underwear antibacterial, bubble baths and other hotels matching wash suit. Many of which were high-tech products. I have not seen before, and some have not even heard of it. They are the spirit of “health, economic, and practical, personalized” concept, for all consumers, to promote green consumer advocate on-demand, and guide consumers to environmental conservation, to create a harmonious society contribute to a force!

Through a comprehensive understanding “Good Friend” in the background and characteristics, I chose the products they produce, I want my hotel through such a reform, it will bring good benefits. When I put these exquisite use more commodities, as I imagine, many of the guests are very fond of and satisfaction. But there are still many old customers are not accustomed to that high point of consumption, according to these problems, I carefully thought for a moment, in addition to the price made the appropriate adjustments. There may be due to a lot of customers have become accustomed to using a disposable commodity, we all know that in order to make people turn to a new concept, is the need for a certain period of adaptation.


Paid one-time items of business opportunities so I must keep a small guesthouse one-time daily, by allowing guests more contact “paid goods” concept, slowly change the traditional consumption habits. This mode of operation to implement soon, there is a very good evaluation, bring good economic benefits.


Birth “paid goods” concept, is undoubtedly a new reform, the industry has a very impressive prospect. Even more amazing is that the “good friends” and provide consumers with the join condition, that is, provides us with a business opportunity. According to analysis of market effects, social benefits, industry outlook, this emerging industry will definitely bring good economic benefits and development space.

I think I have experienced the “paid goods” feasibility and economic benefits, a good opportunity to join this must not be missed.

Paid supplies – a new format mode, a new business opportunity, a real green revolution!


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