Now how hotel disposable amenities market like?

Now how hotel disposable supplies market like?

Answer elaborated:
1, the price can, hotel list of value, each room has
2, will be getting worse, because many hotels do not provide these supplies began, the demand will gradually decline, so the industry is not optimistic about the investment is not recommended.
3, you score the size of hotels, small is not good because they do not pay attention to these items
4, the domestic hotel also start learning foreign supplies do not offer this, so does the demand will gradually decline!
Elimination of the six small pieces off the fear of shame
Hotel one-time items, commonly known as the “six small pieces,” mainly refers to children toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, slippers children, vials toiletries and razors. On what’s going on, the beginning of the third, the color green hotel standard hotel had proposed “six small pieces” should gradually be simplified or eliminated. Chongqing selected after a test of the first circular economy where cities, as this is a test where the internal substantive. However, the hotel rooms who do not want the lead removed and disposable supplies, perpetrated against the market is not permitted. A high-star hotels in charge of the call, if the hotel does not supply one-time items, conservative point that people over 90 hundred percent customer will choose to leave.
2006 elimination of one-time items
VI blog are from the Chongqing Municipal Bureau of Tourism understood Hostel disposable supplies more molecular compound plastic as raw material, its very difficult to degrade after use, plus the number of multi-product cotton and cleaned up after the sewage and unspent wash liquid, We will be on the background of the initiation of great damage and cause a lot of resource consumption. Based on “recycling economy in Chongqing interim progress method”, the council is being developed to eliminate the relevant provisions of “one-off items” is expected to begin from next year, each layer by layer Hostel will eliminate time wash utensils, food service companies will step by step elimination of disposable eating utensils, and take the lead in promoting the implementation of cleaned cotton goods & a one-off, or the same person off two days a change, reduce costs above limit, derogate from background contamination, the implementation of wind savings.
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